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High Clearance Rear Bumper

High Clearance Rear Bumper

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1998-2007 Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus LX 470

We are happy to add a high clearance rear bumper to our inventory of products. This is a modified version of our original rear bumper. This bumper requires modifying your vehicle's frame by removing the rear cross member.

By doing this we are able to reduce the amount of bumper stick out off the rear of the vehicle by over 5”. This will be significantly noticeable in your approach and departure off of more intense obstacles you will find on the trail.

The factory cross member will be replaced with a fabricated one we have design out of formed 1/4” steel. It will bolt to the frame using 14 bolts some that are 1/2” diameter and others that are 14mm. In addition to cutting the rear cross member some drilling will be required. The bumper skin will attach to the new cross member by using 28 bolts that are 1/2” diameter insure an extremely secure connection to the vehicle. This product will require the the removal of your exhaust resonator and the exhaust will either need to be reworked to let the exhaust out behind the rear passenger tire or out the back of the vehicle. This work is not covered if we do the installation. 

The swing arms have been reconstructed to 50/50 split between the passenger side and driver side swing instead of our original 60/40 design. They will utilize our updated dual shear swing arm design paired with the Destaco 341-r latches.

Most of our original rear bumper accessories will still be an option on the high clearance version, not including our original recovery board holder that was located behind the tire. Our new updated Rotopax and Action Trax recovery board holder (as pictured) gives you the opportunity to mount four recovery boards to your vehicle as opposed to the original design which only offers your the ability to mount two. 

With this updated Rotopax and Action Trax holder a table will not be compatible on the swing outs. 


  • Driver or Passenger side tire carrier.
  • Hi-Lift Jack Mount.
  • Dual Recovery Points.
  • Jerry Can Holder.
  • Flush Mount LED lights

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*Photos are shown with the updated Diode Dynamic lights which are an upgrade.

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Front Bumper:

We have incorporated into the design 1” pipe gussets not only for support but also because it gives the bumer a totally unique look. The recovery points are built out of ½” steel plate and are bolted directly to the frame to ensure both strength and functionality. The winch mount is built out of ¼” steel plate and 2” X 3” X 3/16” tubing to give it the rigidity needed for all the heaviest recovery pulls!

Rear Bumper:

Our base bumper includes the following: A passenger side tire carrier swing out with a jack mount behind the tire, a driver side jerry can holder with license plate mounting holes and license plate lights,  ¾” clevis mounts welding directly to the bumper mounting bracket, two offroad town 4” flush mount LED flood lights, and a wiring harness. We have recently implemented duel shear swing out hinges as our new standard. The  bumper can be modified to be specifically set up for your offroading or overlanding needs.

Customise your bumpers and rails

Both rear and front bumper can be customised to suit your particular needs. Contact us for further details


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